Nathaniel Ru Gives Himself and Others a Chance to Eat Healthy

Nathaniel Ru knows that there are a lot of people that want to eat healthy, but they may feel that there are no good choices out there. Ru strongly believes this because at one time he was that person.

As a college student he found himself on the campus of Georgetown University with nothing but the same mundane choices for fast food that he had as a high school teenager. He wanted something more, but he did not realize that he would start a trend that would gain a cult-like following with Sweetgreen.

This is the alternative to burgers, fried chicken, tacos and fries that has picked up much momentum in the last several years. Investors are on board and more than $100 million has been given by investors that believe in what Nathaniel Ru has been able to bring forth.

This may even seem like a scary thing for an entrepreneur when one considers that his innovation for Sweetgreen came solely because of his own desire for an alternative to what was out there.

He did not go into Georgetown with a global marketing campaign to attract people around the world to a restaurant. Instead, he was simply interested in connecting other people that may have felt like him.

Nathaniel knew that if he could get people to take interest in Sweetgreen in one location that he could start another restaurant. He has been going from one city to another to do this. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider and Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

Right now there are multiple sweet dream locations in New York City, and other areas like Philadelphia and Chicago are also bringing up the rear. It has become something of an east coast phenomenon that is giving people something to really think about.

Before people had access to Sweetgreen they did not have much of a choice when it came to fast food. They were either getting a greasy burger from McDonald’s or fried chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken. There were getting empty calories along with high cholesterol in the process.

With Sweetgreen Ru has created a very pleasant alternative. He has given people the ability to get a high level of momentum by eating healthier. He is challenging adversaries that have fast food restaurants to incorporate more healthy food choices into menus.

Nathaniel may not realize it, but he has actually started a healthy food revolution, and many health conscious consumers are getting on board.

Travelling Vineyard Model of Business Makes Wine Tasting Enjoyable What is a Vineyard?

The vineyard is a plantation of grape-bearing vines, typically producing the grapes used in winemaking. Also, raisins, table grapes as well as non-alcoholic grape juice, vineyard scientific name is Vitis vinifera, and the study of producing vineyard is referred to as viticulture. In the same field and concentrating on the vines there is a company which was established by the name Travelling Vineyard, which is a company situated in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in the U.S. It uses a platform of wine selling of in-home wine tasting for members. It was formed in the year 200. In the year 2010, Richard Libby acquired the company, and he did a restructuring of the company to better its services. Wine tasting is a service that is offered by the Travelling Vineyard company so many people love the free wine tasting.

The company representatives are wine guide. They usually pay a one-time fee, and the company sends a success package of appreciation with some full wine education materials that include notes on individuals wine varieties and food pairing which is useful information to wine consumers, sample accessories, glasses for tasting and, some bottles of wine for first wine tasting.

The Travelling Vineyard also provides some website setup which offers training and customer support. The company is a legal member of the direct wine selling association; it holds members companies responded to the set standards, plus policies that protect the independent salespeople as well as those who do consume the wine.

About Wine Tasting

It’s an organized guide that connects events with hosts through their social networks and arranges free, in-home wine tastings. The tasting guide assists the hosts on how to present the best and specific wine for his guests to taste in order.

Benefits of Travelling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard’s benefits include the fact that it is easy to sell. With the taste of the vine, there is no pressure to be used to force or get someone buy the wine, and this gives the company a more natural way to increase in sales. Another benefit of the Vineyard is that the company is well respected and with this respect, the company has gained trust in the wine industry. Its presence in the social media has a great impact on the company’s development, as through the social media the Travelling Vineyard increases in its sales and by this, it also attracts more customer which is the motive or the drive of every company.

Daniel Taub Facilitates an Amazing Trading Experience between Israel and the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has significantly benefited from Daniel Taub’s diplomatic role. This country has reported increased international relations with Israel. These interactions have fostered friendship among other financial benefits.

The UK reports how its trade increased exponentially

The United Kingdom doubled its business during Ambassador Daniel Taub’s the tenure. This piece of news was made public by the Israeli Embassy that also benefited from this collaboration. Since he took up the ambassador job, Daniel Taub has focused strengthening the cultural, business, and academic links between the United Kingdom and Israel.

According to Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Business, Israel and United Kingdom’s business interactions stand out. Within four years, more than 300 Israeli entrepreneurs have put up thriving business ventures in the United Kingdom. These two countries have been able to raise more than $5.5 billion in bilateral trade. Daniel Taub has ties to Israel and has traveled to Palestine and parts of Northern Ireland for peace negotiations.

Daniel Taub educational background and diplomatic career

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli Diplomat and a native of the Great Britain. He is a graduate with degrees from Harvard University, Oxford, and University College London. Daniel Taub migrated to Israel in 1989 and served in the Israel Defense Forces. He also worked as a speechwriter during the tenure of President Chaim Herzog. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub is married to Zehava Taub, and together they have six children. He is a proficient writer who frequently writes articles for The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Huffington Post, and The Times. Daniel Taub is the author of “Parasha Diplomatit,” a piece that provides insights on diplomatic issues.

Having completed his tenure, he took up a job with the Israeli Foreign Ministry. This position has enabled him to interact with numerous politicians and other international leaders. Daniel Taub has over the years served in various posts in the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

His vast knowledge in counter-terrorism, international, and laws of war have enabled him to hold multiple diplomatic, political, and legal posts. Daniel Taub was instrumental in facilitating the Israeli-Palestinian peace processes. His efforts in these discussions made it possible for Israel and Palestine to iron out their differences.

Daniel Taub also participated in the Israel-Syrian negotiations and led the International Court of Justice. He has also served as the legal advisor for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel. The success of Taub’s diplomatic career speaks for itself. Daniel Taub is one of the most respected personalities in Israel.

Read more:

Daniel Taub | LinkedIn
Daniel Taub | About

By saving families thousands, Securus is also reducing intramural crime in nation’s prisons

Throughout the history of the United States prison system, many family members would see their loved ones convicted only to realize that their travails had just begun. Many family members we’re not aware of the fact that their loved ones would oftentimes be housed hundreds of miles away from their hometown. However, when the sentence is handed down by the judge and the inmate is taken out of the courtroom for the last time to begin their incarceration at a state prison, the family members often learn very quickly exactly what this great distance between their loved ones and their homes means.


The prison system in the state of California provides a good example. An inmate convicted of a violent crime in San Diego is likely to be sentenced to prisons as far-flung as Ironwood, Folsom or San Quentin. Family members, often of meager means, having to drive from San Diego to Folsom would be incurring absolutely huge costs. An 8 to 10-hour drive will often mean that families are unable to visit their loved ones and return the same day. Ultimately, such extended-stay road trips can drive cost for families with children into the thousands of dollars.


In practice, this has often meant that those incarcerated at remote prisons will serve out their entire sentence without even seeing their family members once.


But one company, Securus Technologies, is changing all of that. With its highly innovative video visitation technology, Securus Technologies is enabling families to do virtually the same thing that would have cost them thousands of dollars otherwise for just $0.15 per minute. And by enabling inmates to stay in constant contact with their loved ones, Securus Technologies is making prisons much safer places in which to reside and work.


Ultimately, inmates who maintain positive relationships with loved ones are less prone to violent outbreaks.


Lime Crime:Doe Deere’s Digitally -Native Beauty Brand

About Doe Deere Childhood

Doe Deere was born and grew-up in Russia until when she attained 17 years of age she then shifted to New York City in the United States of America and did her desire of being a musician. Currently, Doe Deere lives in Los Angeles.

Beauty Entrepreneur

According to Doe Deere, beauty is not looking good or being natural, but beauty is what you feel right at that moment. In 2004, she registered an eBay account by the name Lime Crime for her DIY fashion line. Since she wanted her looks to be on brand, she did everything by herself. Interest on colored makeup became her staple, and this idea of makeup originated back from her sewing days. Learn more:

In 2008, Doe Deere became the CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics when she launched her line of magical, cruelty- free, and colorful cosmetic. It was to prove that makeup is a form of self-expression and experience of self-freedom.

Lime Crime Cosmetic Company

Lime Crime is a company of cosmetics which are animal-friendly and an intensely pigmented color, and are internationally accepted. Lime crime was born from her favorite color and the desire to grow eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes so brilliantly such that wearing them could be prohibited.

As a Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime, she is responsible for development concerns of her company, day to day decisions on management as well as to oversee implementation of firms long and short-term plans, and also providing guidance when needed. Through her hard work and determination, Doe Deere produced more and new products to the market, marketed her products through social media platforms and some days brainstorming on what’s fresh with her chief creative officer.

Doe Deere’s Success

Doe Deere together with her team of experts worked day in day out, for months in a laboratory to make sure that their products were perfect. The exciting part of her is that she first wears every product from her company making sure that all her products are correctly made and are not harmful to customers. Learn more:

Her great heart of listening, listening and listening from all corners, fully embracing social media for marketing, using raw materials which were not from animals, made Lime Crime to get the entire line certified free by Leaping Bunny being the most extremely limiting certifier in the industry.

An Ambitious Soul and a Mentor

She has been full of imaginations and ambitions at all times. As a healthy child, she had dreams, and one significant thought was to become a musician, and indeed musician she became when she moved to New York City. Doe many times speaks to public through public events like PHAMExpo on issues like how to find your voice and following your ambitions. As a person who started out at humble beginnings, she supports other women who own their businesses and entrepreneurs. She mentors and inspires female entrepreneurs invites them to contact her on Instagram for advice.


Lime Crime’s mission is to restructure makeup, from the way you purchase to the way it makes you feel.

Madison Street Capital’s Astounding steps towards better Banking Services

Madison Street Capital is an investment company in Chicago which provides excellent advice on banking services and access to loans to many businesses globally. The firm has the interests of its investors at heart and is always committed to ensuring that their services are relayed successfully to the satisfaction of their most valued customers.

Madison Street Capital is confident that the increase in the number of their clients is due to the upcoming markets and will keep their focus directed to the most valued assets of the markets. Moreover, businesses have grown to trust the firm with its finances. Companies such as Vital Care Industries owe success to this popular investment firm.

The industry deals in the line of manufacturing and distribution of medical equipment. It has benefited from Madison’s excellent financial advice on how to acquire loans from trusted money lending firms. This great accomplishment dates back to 2014.

The firm has had many of its employees receiving awards from different prominent organizations due to their incredible working standards. Among other appreciations include winning the M&A Awards under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Charles Botchway who is overwhelmed by the humbling accolade with the most recent being in 2017.

It also received the Turnaround Award in the same year which was mainly appreciating the firm for changing the prices paid for their transactions. This was achieved by choosing a price below $25 million. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

Madison being a company which is committed to excellence and thrives in its operations despite the overwhelming competition from many other investment companies, it could not afford to be scraped out of the list. The Chairman to the M&A Advisor’s acknowledged the achievements of the firm in the past years and was honored to appreciate their efforts.

The banking industry has come up with plans and strategies that will work towards the growth of the firm hence presenting its customers with better investment opportunities.

Moreover, the company aims at having an advanced secure lending strategy and excellent financial capabilities. These overviews, just to mention a few will ensure that enough capital is at their customer’s disposal either as credit or other financial assets.

We can for sure confirm that indeed a hand that gives receives. This statement is justified by the generosity of this gigantic firm whereby it engages in charitable donations. These selfless deeds build up the image of Madison Street Capital.

The repaired wreckage caused by adverse weather conditions are a living proof of the firm’s philanthropic work where it raised funds in helping people of the Eastern and Midwestern parts of the United States who suffered the ordeal. The constant commitment of the employees to the firm’s goals are the key to its great success.

Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase and Madison Street Capital | LinkedIn

Igor Cornelsen Offers Three Important Tips for Prospective Investors in Brazil

Although Brazil has been poised for quite some time now to become a major player in the world economy, it has not fully achieved its potential just yet.

In order to help facilitate its transition, and also offer insight into the complex factors at work in Brazil’s economy, Igor Cornelsen recently released a few key tips that any investor should be aware of. As originally reported on, the tips are well worth knowing, even for those that may not necessarily be looking into investing Brazil right now.

In Brazil, community is an important social construct and is something that those from other cultures may not immediately grasp. Igor Cornelsen reminds potential investors to treat their business connections with respect and familiarity, and to not be surprised about the value Brazil places on networking as a whole.

Interestingly enough, Cornelsen is quick to point out that nearly 1 in 4 Brazilians are entrepreneurs, ensuring that there’s a potential networking opportunity in practically every market imaginable.

Despite the rapid growth of Brazil’s markets, Cornelsen still advises people to be aware of the considerable amount of “red tape” in the country. There are a number of restrictions placed on the labor market in Brazil, as well as a variety of other regulations that stem from a sizeable bureaucracy.

Even though it can be difficult for an investor to get their foot in the door,

Cornelsen says that the potential growth far outweighs any potential regulatory setbacks that may come up throughout the process. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:  Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

Finally, one of the most important tips that Cornelsen has for traders is to be aware of foreign currency restrictions. There are only a handful of banks in Brazil that are authorized by the government to handle transactions involving foreign currencies.

In addition, there is no centralized exchange rate. Instead, the exchange rate varies based on the nature of any specific transaction, and Brazil’s Central Bank can also influence this rate at any time. Still, these difficulties can also be turned into advantages if an investor plays their cards right.

Expanding an existing business into Brazil may seem difficult at first, but as Cornelsen says, “there’s no such thing as free money.” If you put the effort in, then you’ll find that Brazil is an excellent opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.

The Top Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Gems

Fantasy baseball is winding down and MLB lineups are getting changed to account for the end of the season and a playoff run. Sites like Fantasy Alarm are preparing players by showcasing some of the best talent still available on the waiver wire. Today we are going to look over a few young players that could make a difference in your MLB lineups. We’ll start by looking over a few key hitters who could end up helping the top of your order before looking at a few solid pitchers.


Jed Lowrie, 2B – Oakland A’s

Lowrie is an old hand in the baseball world but he is definitely showcasing some new skills at the plate. Lowrie is easily having his best season in years and he is doing in right in the heart of the surprisingly talented Oakland line up. He’s a great fill in middle infielder.


Rhys Hoskins, 1B – Philadelphia Phillies

Hoskins is one of the most exciting young sluggers in the game and he is terrorizing the baseball at the front of the Philly order. Hoskins has game changing power and is a must-add for teams looking for late season home run potential.


Jose Urena, SP – Miami Marlins

The Marlins have had a lot to cheer for this season and Jose Urena is one of them. Urena has a full three-pitch arsenal that is topped off with an amazing 96 MPH heater. Urena should be added on punch out value alone but he also has potential to eat up innings and rack up a few quality starts.


Luis Perdomo, SP – San Diego Padres

Luis Perdom isn’t a game changer on the mound but he is good enough to make a difference for teams who need a little bit of pitching help without sacrificing too much.


Jeremy Goldstein: A Renowned Executive Compensation Lawyer

Presently, many enterprises have stopped providing their workers with stock options. Most of the companies took this step so that they can save a reasonable amount of income but the reason goes beyond that. Three main problems force companies to cut stock options in their daily operations as discussed below.


At times, the stock values may drop in a huge way barring employees from choosing any stock option. Nonetheless, most of the businesses need reports on the various expenses while the stockholders are faced with the challenge of having no options to choose from.


Recently, many employees have become worried of the different compensation methods used by companies. Workers have also realized that in a result of economic decline, the options present are worthless. It is because the benefits that could be received from the stocks are not any different with tokens in a casino.


Lastly, many stock options translate to an accounting burden for the employees. The costs involved may exceed that of the advantages one is going to receive from any option. Around many enterprises, the employees also don’t consider this benefit to be any higher than the salary an employee can get after deducting the option.


Despite the removal of stock options, there are significant benefits to be enjoyed if one applies for any option. In additional wages and insurance, the options may serve by giving employees equal values in their salaries. At certain occasions, the options often give someone a pay boost in cases where the shares of the companies increase in sale. When it comes to Internal Revenue Service, some of the companies may make it so difficult for a worker to get equity. It involves the top executive members getting compensation packages. It makes it so hard for the business since massive tax burdens are realized due to the use of shares other than stock options.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates LLC. It is a law firm that majors in advising compensation committees. Before establishing his law firm, Jeremy was a partner in Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz law firm. He has lately been involved in significant corporate transactions including the acquisition of United Technologies by Goodrich.


Jeremy is the Chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition Sub-Committee. He has been on the forefront in writing and speaking about governance and compensation issues. In addition to that, he has also been named among the best executive compensation lawyer in the United States.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on twitter.

Todd Lubar Talks About The Benefits Of Owning Smart Homes

Smart Home Technologies have been gaining traction in recent years. Technological advancement has enabled more features to be added into modern homes, making them some of the most conformable houses to live in. The innovations behind smart homes have also seen the shift in real the estate market, as more homeowners are opting for smart homes. This article looks at some of the key benefits of adopting smart home technologies.

Smart homes are designed with disabled customers in mind. This is a shift from the traditional real estate industry where homes only targeted the physically able individuals. Disabled customers were forced to invest more money to make their homes comfortable or rely on assistance of able-bodied individuals. This situation denied them the freedom that most people enjoy. Features like smart lights, handle free control locks, and smart cooking appliances are now available in mainstream smart houses. In addition, some houses have automatic heat regulators to ensure a comfortable living environment regardless of the time of day or season.

The use of sound to operate some features in smart homes limits the ability of individuals with speech impediment from enjoying such services. However, experts are working on Artificial Intelligence to help in boosting the systems’ abilities. Trial versions of the technology are ongoing. There is hope that such improvements will soon make it inside smart homes. This information was originally mentioned on Philly Purge as outlined in this link

Smart homes are becoming popular. Like with every product, popularity means high value and a sound investment opportunity. This popularity can be attributed to the huge media attention and the decline in the cost of the smart devices used in the homes. Smart homes are also designed with the ability to incorporate more smart features in future unlike traditional homes.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a real estate expert known. He is known on Linked In for his prediction on trends focusing on smart home. Many real estate investors trust the entrepreneur due to his valuable advice on the industry. Lubar is also a keen follower of technological trends and advocates for the marriage between real estate industry and the technology sector. Todd Lubar believes that when the two industries work together, they will benefit homeowners.

Lubar has a sound educational background. The executive is a graduate of Syracuse University. When he was starting his career, Lubar rendered his services in the mortgage industry as a loan originator. Presently, the real estate expert works as the president of TDL Global Ventures. Visit the website,