By saving families thousands, Securus is also reducing intramural crime in nation’s prisons

Throughout the history of the United States prison system, many family members would see their loved ones convicted only to realize that their travails had just begun. Many family members we’re not aware of the fact that their loved ones would oftentimes be housed hundreds of miles away from their hometown. However, when the sentence is handed down by the judge and the inmate is taken out of the courtroom for the last time to begin their incarceration at a state prison, the family members often learn very quickly exactly what this great distance between their loved ones and their homes means.


The prison system in the state of California provides a good example. An inmate convicted of a violent crime in San Diego is likely to be sentenced to prisons as far-flung as Ironwood, Folsom or San Quentin. Family members, often of meager means, having to drive from San Diego to Folsom would be incurring absolutely huge costs. An 8 to 10-hour drive will often mean that families are unable to visit their loved ones and return the same day. Ultimately, such extended-stay road trips can drive cost for families with children into the thousands of dollars.


In practice, this has often meant that those incarcerated at remote prisons will serve out their entire sentence without even seeing their family members once.


But one company, Securus Technologies, is changing all of that. With its highly innovative video visitation technology, Securus Technologies is enabling families to do virtually the same thing that would have cost them thousands of dollars otherwise for just $0.15 per minute. And by enabling inmates to stay in constant contact with their loved ones, Securus Technologies is making prisons much safer places in which to reside and work.


Ultimately, inmates who maintain positive relationships with loved ones are less prone to violent outbreaks.


Securus Technologies – Empowering the Local Law Enforcement Agencies

The correctional industry can be volatile very quickly if there are no means to maintain law and order inside it. One of the ways the correctional agencies are using to ensure low crime rate and increased security in prisons as well as in the community is to enhance the use of advanced technology. The investigative technology employed by the law enforcement officers are nothing short of a miracle in comparison to what the officers had a few years ago. The criminal justice technology made available to law enforcement officers by Securus Technologies has helped in curbing the crime rate and provide better security to the people. In a way, the criminal justice and crime prevention technology available these days, furnished by the companies like Securus Technologies, has helped in saving hundreds and thousands of lives in the last few years.



Securus Technologies is one of the most respected firms in the correctional industry and started its operations in the year 1986. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back and has progressed rapidly to become one of the leading providers in the industry. At the moment, more than 1.2 million prisoners in North America are dependent on the inmate communications and other associated services offered by Securus Technologies. It has helped the company to become one of the most noted names in the industry, and more so, because of the vast array of products and services it provides. Starting from phone services to video services and from photo transfer services to investigative services, there are many different products and services offered by Securus Technologies.



I have used the products and services of Securus Technologies for long, and one of the best parts about its inmate communication services is that it is reliable and economical in comparison to other service providers. The customer service of the company is also attentive and responsive to your needs.



The Growth And Significant Development Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Inc. is a leading American-based provider of law enforcement and corrections technology based in Dallas, Texas. It is a pro-profit entity focused on the distinctive requirements of such enforcement agencies.


The firm has regional offices in Texas and Atlanta, and it services roughly 1,200,000 inmates throughout North America. It provides criminal and civil justice solutions to over 3450 correctional and enforcement agencies.


The firm has over two decades of valuable experience that has given the society a complete overhaul. The former business units merged in 2004 after they were acquired by HIG Capital. The firm was then acquired by Castle Harlan.


Securus Technologies has grown over the years through the acquisition of firms already established in prison communications technology such as Primonics Inc., DirectHit Systems Inc., and Archonix Systems LLC. This has made the firm to evolve into an international multifunctional entity in the provision of offender management systems.


In January 2017, Securus Technologies CEO, Richard A. Smith, invited Global Tel Link to a sort of technology challenge. This is after GTL, their main competitor, suggested that the customer service and technology they offer can match competitively to that of Securus.


He forwards that the challenge should be handled by an independent adjudicator who would be able to impartially compare the product sets offered by both firms in terms of the most comprehensive product capabilities, who has invented and invested more, the quality of IT work, the level of product sophistication, and the cost effectiveness.


When comparing the two firms, Richard Smith says that there are various ways in which Securus Technologies has triumphed over GTL. These include the fact that while GTL contracts technicians, Securus has its efficient customer service call center serviced by its employees and technicians known as the U.S Customer Service Center, the largest national call center with the best equipment.


He also says that the customers also support the customer service, economics, and technology offered by Securus. This has also contributed to their growth and development in the industry.