How OSI Food Solutions Increased Chicken Products Processing Capacity in Spain

OSI Food Solutions completed a €17 million project at the beginning of this year that involved the installation of a chicken production unit. Due to the increased demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal, the company took the initiative of adding another production unit at its Toledo plant in Spain. Before the upgrade, the plant would produce a total of twelve thousand tons annually, but the production doubled to twenty-four thousand tons annually. Apart from chicken products, the plant also produces pork and beef products, and therefore the upgrade affected the total output that increased to forty-five thousand tons annually. The whole facility provides employment to a hundred and forty people but the process of upgrading created twenty more jobs, and that is a boost to the economy. Read this artcle at Forcepoint to know more.

José María del Río, the Managing Director of OSI Food Solutions Spain, pointed out that in these two countries, the demand for chicken products rose by eight present in the last three years but in one year alone by six percent. He predicted the continuous trend in the coming years. The added unit measured 22,600 square foot and included modern equipment that would enhance high production. These included service areas for oil, refrigerated rooms for storing waste containers, spacious storage area for the raw material and hot water tanks. Others included Nitrogen tanks, receiving, the dispatch unit, a spacious production hall, service areas for oil used in processing, and a hall for employees to relax.

The new facility was fitted with an electric management system that involved recycling of heat produced by refrigerators and the production system. This heat would boil water instead of using electricity. Additionally, the security and safety systems received an upgrade in line with modern technology. The President and the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Food Solutions, David McDonald noted that the expansion of the plant was part of the company’s strategy to boost its supply of the products to its customers. He added that the company plans to grow together with the increase in the retail demand and would add more products to its portfolio. He was pleased because OSI Food Solutions created more job opportunities besides adding the production capacity.

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