Jeremy Goldstein: A Renowned Executive Compensation Lawyer

Presently, many enterprises have stopped providing their workers with stock options. Most of the companies took this step so that they can save a reasonable amount of income but the reason goes beyond that. Three main problems force companies to cut stock options in their daily operations as discussed below.


At times, the stock values may drop in a huge way barring employees from choosing any stock option. Nonetheless, most of the businesses need reports on the various expenses while the stockholders are faced with the challenge of having no options to choose from.


Recently, many employees have become worried of the different compensation methods used by companies. Workers have also realized that in a result of economic decline, the options present are worthless. It is because the benefits that could be received from the stocks are not any different with tokens in a casino.


Lastly, many stock options translate to an accounting burden for the employees. The costs involved may exceed that of the advantages one is going to receive from any option. Around many enterprises, the employees also don’t consider this benefit to be any higher than the salary an employee can get after deducting the option.


Despite the removal of stock options, there are significant benefits to be enjoyed if one applies for any option. In additional wages and insurance, the options may serve by giving employees equal values in their salaries. At certain occasions, the options often give someone a pay boost in cases where the shares of the companies increase in sale. When it comes to Internal Revenue Service, some of the companies may make it so difficult for a worker to get equity. It involves the top executive members getting compensation packages. It makes it so hard for the business since massive tax burdens are realized due to the use of shares other than stock options.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates LLC. It is a law firm that majors in advising compensation committees. Before establishing his law firm, Jeremy was a partner in Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz law firm. He has lately been involved in significant corporate transactions including the acquisition of United Technologies by Goodrich.


Jeremy is the Chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition Sub-Committee. He has been on the forefront in writing and speaking about governance and compensation issues. In addition to that, he has also been named among the best executive compensation lawyer in the United States.


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