OSI Group, Reaching Extends to Over 65 Facilities in the Globe

OSI Group is now a giant value-added supplier operating in over 65 facilities, 17 countries, with over 20, 000 employers. As per now, this value-added supplier ranks as one of the most successful and largest American privately owned companies in the U.S. OSI group resources provide food-related organizations an occupation of global reputation, unparalleled strength, and responsiveness.Restaurant chains as well as high retail brands can definitely leverage the global scale and capabilities of OSI Group to produce almost all value added products. The company is now able to match their numerous customers and client’s culinary profiles, guarantee food safety, decrease preparation time, and secure favorable costs on superior value added food products that fit all their clients and customer’s operations.

This supplier main aim is to satisfy all palate and excellent range of tastes.Over the years, the food company (OSI Group) has entered or acquired joint ventures with numerous poultry processing facilities, processing plants, farms, and warehouses. For now, it has been aiming and working diligently to make its names as the premier world food leader. If achieved, it will lead branded companies in Europe, North America, and other locations around the world.OSI Industries has its locations in European and North American. It also has numerous facilities in China, India, and Australia, and runs GenOSI, a joint venture, in the Philippines.

The company has aggressively grew its poultry investment in the U.S., China, and Europe.Recently, the food supplier doubled its capacity of chicken processing in Toledo, Spain, at the OSI Food Solutions. It has invested over €17m to increase its chicken processing capacity to 24, 000 from 12,000 tons to create many different variety of products. As per now, it processes chicken, pork, and chicken products in huge capacity leading to an increase of over 20 jobs, 45, 000 tons, and nearly 140 employers.In the past 3 years, the local sought-after for all chicken products has highly increased by around 8% considering the fact that it was 6% annual growth. OSI Group develops thrilling new products due to the expansion of most production facilities. It works extremely hard to foster greater sustainability and environmental stewardship in its expansion and development projects.

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