Rocketship Education Leads the Way in Tennessee

According to Rocketship Education program advocates, it is important for parents to understand what student scores mean if they are to make sense of how they are progressing. The program inventors also believe that all students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, deserve education and growth to enable them to compete favorably with their counterparts. The Rocketship United Academy founder James Robinson believes that the Rocketship program provides such avenues for growth.

Rocketship Education Activities

Rocketship Education promoters organized a workshop to make sure that Schools and other stakeholders get an in-depth understanding of what the student scores mean for students. Indeed, many Tennessee Schools were empowered to understand the extent that their students had made, academic-wise in the past year. Other schools such as the elementary schools in Davidson County have been put on the waiting list before they understand how their learners are progressing. The implication of the foregoing is that when the results will be ready for Tennessee, most people will be strongly focused on the proficiency of students.

Importance of Proficiency Scores

While proficiency scores are important, they have a limitation because they only inform us on whether the student performance is at par with the grade at a given point. Growth scores, as advocated by Rocketship educationists, also referred to as value-added scores inform the stakeholders the amount of learning taking place over a given span of time; irrespective of their starting point. According to the developers of Rocketship Education, the difference can be summarized in the two question phrases, one asking whether the student has reached a grade and another asking how far in the grade such a student has moved.

The Facts from Official Data

Rocketship Education proponents are pushing for inclusivity. They hold that growth is paramount for all learners but it is especially so for students from economically challenged families. The official data indicates that learners born into poverty-stricken families begin their schooling late, and rarely catch up. Nashville has a high number of such disadvantaged learners. It has shown an achievement gap for each of the subjects tested. It is hoped that a well equipped and staffed public school will fill the gap and level the learning continuum for all learners.