Travelling Vineyard Model of Business Makes Wine Tasting Enjoyable What is a Vineyard?

The vineyard is a plantation of grape-bearing vines, typically producing the grapes used in winemaking. Also, raisins, table grapes as well as non-alcoholic grape juice, vineyard scientific name is Vitis vinifera, and the study of producing vineyard is referred to as viticulture. In the same field and concentrating on the vines there is a company which was established by the name Travelling Vineyard, which is a company situated in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in the U.S. It uses a platform of wine selling of in-home wine tasting for members. It was formed in the year 200. In the year 2010, Richard Libby acquired the company, and he did a restructuring of the company to better its services. Wine tasting is a service that is offered by the Travelling Vineyard company so many people love the free wine tasting.

The company representatives are wine guide. They usually pay a one-time fee, and the company sends a success package of appreciation with some full wine education materials that include notes on individuals wine varieties and food pairing which is useful information to wine consumers, sample accessories, glasses for tasting and, some bottles of wine for first wine tasting.

The Travelling Vineyard also provides some website setup which offers training and customer support. The company is a legal member of the direct wine selling association; it holds members companies responded to the set standards, plus policies that protect the independent salespeople as well as those who do consume the wine.

About Wine Tasting

It’s an organized guide that connects events with hosts through their social networks and arranges free, in-home wine tastings. The tasting guide assists the hosts on how to present the best and specific wine for his guests to taste in order.

Benefits of Travelling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard’s benefits include the fact that it is easy to sell. With the taste of the vine, there is no pressure to be used to force or get someone buy the wine, and this gives the company a more natural way to increase in sales. Another benefit of the Vineyard is that the company is well respected and with this respect, the company has gained trust in the wine industry. Its presence in the social media has a great impact on the company’s development, as through the social media the Travelling Vineyard increases in its sales and by this, it also attracts more customer which is the motive or the drive of every company.

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