By saving families thousands, Securus is also reducing intramural crime in nation’s prisons

Throughout the history of the United States prison system, many family members would see their loved ones convicted only to realize that their travails had just begun. Many family members we’re not aware of the fact that their loved ones would oftentimes be housed hundreds of miles away from their hometown. However, when the sentence is handed down by the judge and the inmate is taken out of the courtroom for the last time to begin their incarceration at a state prison, the family members often learn very quickly exactly what this great distance between their loved ones and their homes means.


The prison system in the state of California provides a good example. An inmate convicted of a violent crime in San Diego is likely to be sentenced to prisons as far-flung as Ironwood, Folsom or San Quentin. Family members, often of meager means, having to drive from San Diego to Folsom would be incurring absolutely huge costs. An 8 to 10-hour drive will often mean that families are unable to visit their loved ones and return the same day. Ultimately, such extended-stay road trips can drive cost for families with children into the thousands of dollars.


In practice, this has often meant that those incarcerated at remote prisons will serve out their entire sentence without even seeing their family members once.


But one company, Securus Technologies, is changing all of that. With its highly innovative video visitation technology, Securus Technologies is enabling families to do virtually the same thing that would have cost them thousands of dollars otherwise for just $0.15 per minute. And by enabling inmates to stay in constant contact with their loved ones, Securus Technologies is making prisons much safer places in which to reside and work.


Ultimately, inmates who maintain positive relationships with loved ones are less prone to violent outbreaks.


Madison Street Capital’s Astounding steps towards better Banking Services

Madison Street Capital is an investment company in Chicago which provides excellent advice on banking services and access to loans to many businesses globally. The firm has the interests of its investors at heart and is always committed to ensuring that their services are relayed successfully to the satisfaction of their most valued customers.

Madison Street Capital is confident that the increase in the number of their clients is due to the upcoming markets and will keep their focus directed to the most valued assets of the markets. Moreover, businesses have grown to trust the firm with its finances. Companies such as Vital Care Industries owe success to this popular investment firm.

The industry deals in the line of manufacturing and distribution of medical equipment. It has benefited from Madison’s excellent financial advice on how to acquire loans from trusted money lending firms. This great accomplishment dates back to 2014.

The firm has had many of its employees receiving awards from different prominent organizations due to their incredible working standards. Among other appreciations include winning the M&A Awards under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Charles Botchway who is overwhelmed by the humbling accolade with the most recent being in 2017.

It also received the Turnaround Award in the same year which was mainly appreciating the firm for changing the prices paid for their transactions. This was achieved by choosing a price below $25 million. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

Madison being a company which is committed to excellence and thrives in its operations despite the overwhelming competition from many other investment companies, it could not afford to be scraped out of the list. The Chairman to the M&A Advisor’s acknowledged the achievements of the firm in the past years and was honored to appreciate their efforts.

The banking industry has come up with plans and strategies that will work towards the growth of the firm hence presenting its customers with better investment opportunities.

Moreover, the company aims at having an advanced secure lending strategy and excellent financial capabilities. These overviews, just to mention a few will ensure that enough capital is at their customer’s disposal either as credit or other financial assets.

We can for sure confirm that indeed a hand that gives receives. This statement is justified by the generosity of this gigantic firm whereby it engages in charitable donations. These selfless deeds build up the image of Madison Street Capital.

The repaired wreckage caused by adverse weather conditions are a living proof of the firm’s philanthropic work where it raised funds in helping people of the Eastern and Midwestern parts of the United States who suffered the ordeal. The constant commitment of the employees to the firm’s goals are the key to its great success.

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